The Post-It Miracle

My first book signing was back in April when Ever Upward launched. My first book signing was nothing about selling books, as I wrote had I to choose to shift my definition of success. My second book signing was this past weekend, and as He would have it, was also nothing about selling books.

I had a short talk prepared, to which there was no one to give it to which only solidified my lack of expectations for this book signing. But, Chad and I made a day of it, we had already had a great lunch at a local place and enjoyed connecting with people we would have never connected with throughout the day.

For the record, I sold two books.

One less than my first book signing.

You see I don't have the big publisher behind me. I was just now able to invest in the literary publicist. And, my marketing plan for this first book has remained writing for free for other publications and working my job that pays the bills, seeing clients.

Publishing a book is not for the faint of heart. Publishing a book about a topic that no one wants to talk about, can at times, feel like career self-destruction. Let alone publishing a book about this said topic when your story makes the world very uncomfortable because you are not one of the success stories.

And yet, there is always something churning...

We may not have full understanding in the moment, but have faith there is always something amazing in the works for you.

So I did not deliver my talk and I sold minimal books, but it was the ending to the afternoon that made it, just as with the first signing, this one also ended in a goosebumps kind of way.

In lulls of the two hour book signing I was reading Pam Grout's E-Cubed on my phone. I had just read my manifesting assignment for this experiment: Be a love bomber (leave post it's of love in random places around the world).


A few minutes later as we were getting ready to pack up and I was signing the remaining books we had not sold, Chad said, "That's weird, look there's a post it in your book." Then a Barnes and Noble employee said, "Oh, I found one earlier too!"


It's a post-it miracle!!

Goosebumps, tears and gratitude along with the deep knowing breath in allowing myself to feel it all; fear of failure, stress that this will never get noticed, trust in knowing it will, belief in myself that is already is, and most of all, knowing trust in that it is all exactly as it is supposed to be.

Needless to say we went out to a nice (early bird) dinner to celebrate and toast our post-it miracle.


Believing is Creating

I promised a follow up a post to my experience with Pam Grout's book E-Squared, and so here is just a bit. You can read about my experiences with experiments #1 and #2 here.

Experiment #3: The Alby Einstein Principle

Bottom line: "If I am energy, I can direct my energy." Pam asked us to make our own version of wands out of metal clothes hangers and with my own thoughts, feelings and energy move them. Yep, you heard me right, move them simply with my energy.

And I am still dumbfounded, in disbelief and amazed... It did!

Experiment #4: The Abracadabra Principle

Bottom line: Making a clear intention will pull it into your life.

By believing we desperately need a miracle or something we don't have now, we deny Truth. We suit up with the wrong attitude.

For me, it of course had something to do with the book. This principle was the first sign for me that I have a lot of getting out of my own way. In fact for the remainder of the experiments, the believing and manifesting worked but never in that exact way I believed the universe could give me.

Does that mean I am not a believer? Not even a little.

I loved Experiment #7: The Jenny Craig Principle where the bottom line is simply to change the way you think and talk to yourself about food and your body. I especially loved where she told me to take the time over my food at each meal and really put love, nourishment and gratitude into it (for me really praying a blessing and gratitude to God).

And then finally, Experiment #9: The Fish and Loaves Principle where the bottom line is to change our negative focus to the miraculous focus and see all the goodness, beauty and abundance around us. Who couldn't use more of this in their life?!?

In the least this book has made me see, with shiny clarity, all that God has right in front of me.

I just have to get out of my own way; and open my eyes and heart wider. And, get better at manifesting exactly what I know is right at my finger tips. I am looking forward to reading Pam's follow up book E-Cubed to help me with this.


On a side note, the butterflies will be emerging this weekend and into next week. I caught this incredible video of one going up into her chrysalis! Feel free to share!



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Getting Out of Our Own Way: What We Look For We Will See

Shift your perspective.

Believe in miracles.

The universe is working completely in your favor.

God's timing is perfect.

Be the change.

We've all heard something to the effect of all the above statements. On some days we believe and practice them with our whole hearts. On other days it does not seem that easy.

My faith is the strongest it has ever been. I feel lighter than I have ever felt. I honestly believe it is all possible.

And yet, there are days that my own self doubt, inner critic, comparison, and some days just life, get in the way of it all.

No, in reality, I allow it to steal it away from me on those days.

I have recently started reading Pam Grout'sE-Squared and frankly had to share my own manifested miracles with you all.

Starting the book I had my fears and my doubts, especially as a Christian.

Was I not trusting God by even reading this book?

Pam quickly dispelled my fears. As she writes:

"The FP (field of potentiality) is a force field that's equally available to everyone. It's a natural capacity in all of us, not an exclusive gift bestowed upon a few. In fact, that is the primary lesson Jesus taught. God is within. You are part of God. You can perform miracles."

"Jesus is our brother, our legacy, the guy we're supposed to emulate."

"The will of God, for those who insist on using that term, is the ceaseless longing of the spirit in you to become all you're capable of being. Amen."

And from these words, I was on board enough to try to her experiments and honestly it didn't take me long to open my heart and mind to the possibilities.

The possibilities God has right in front of me, just waiting for me to believe in.

Experiment #1: The Dude Abides Principle

Bottom Line: We are surrounded by infinite possibilities, all we have to do is ask for them. I asked the universe/energy/field/God (for me, I call it God) for a clear sign/blessing/gift and it had 48 hours to show it to me. My deadline was Monday May 25th at 4:36pm.

That morning I sat outside with my morning smoothie observing what could only be an introductory flight lesson between mom and dad robin and their three baby robins. The babies were just about popping out of the little nest they had built on top of our light right outside our back door. I, of course, had been checking on them multiple times a day for the last few weeks. I swear, I would be an animal hoarder if it weren't for Chad. And yes, I squeal with childlike wonder and joy at the sight of any baby animal. After the flight lesson I also watched breakfast be served. I knew this was incredible but still felt there was more to come.

Just a few hours later, both Chad and I were outside and Chad went up to the nest to take a peek. All of a sudden all three babies flew/fell out of the nest in all different directions.

We just witnessed their first flight.

Within seconds at least ten adult robins descended upon us, making sure their new family members were safe. Each baby seemed to pair off with an adult and hop/skipped/flew off.

It was such an incredible moment; a true, fulfilling gift.

Experiment #2: The Volkswagen Jetta Principle

Bottom Line: According to Pam, the world out there reflects what we want to see. She says that it's nothing but our own illusions that keep us from experiencing peace, joy and love. The assignment was to count how many sunset beige cars we saw in the next 24 hours; then the next 24 hours how many yellow butterflies.

What we look for we will see!

My deadline for the car count was Monday at 5:30pm. My day started of strong and fabulous with my self-care morning routine. And then I totally got in my head about the book. That inner critic coming in and reminding me of scarcity and comparison. I left for my office to see 8 clients that day in a not so great mood (that I now realize I had completely created myself). I only have a short commute to work and up to that point I had only counted about 5 sunset beige cars, and admittedly, was not super impressed with this experiment thus far. On my commute I remembered, oh yea I need to count cars!

In my eight minute commute I counted 20 sunset beige cars.

I literally laughed out loud and looked up,

Got it! Look for what you want to see and you will see it.

If this isn't true perspective shift I am not sure what is. The next 24 hours I counted 7 yellow butterflies, and yes I couple of them I completely created myself in my butterfly coloring book that morning.

This is creating the life you want.

This is just the beginning...

I will post about my experiences with the next experiments but can already tell you, I am a believer.

A believer in God, in endless possibility and in myself.

I have always, especially in these last few years of practicing my recovery, known how much our lens we see the through world effects everything.

And that lens is completely within our control.

Things are always in our favor, everything is a message and it can be, and will be, incredibly amazing.

If we just get out of the damn way, believe it and live it.

This is the life I want to live and embody, one of light, love, belief, and of course, ever upward.



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