Justine is a true seeker and loves learning, as you will see in the list provided below. She credits much of her joy to her work in self-care and personal development which requires quite the list of  resources. Consider this page what it's like to go to lunch with Justine or have a private session. Basically, you leave with lots of resources and notes, keep scrolling down, it's worth it.


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The Complicated Gray
By Justine Froelker

We try so hard to make life simple; check a box - good or bad, black or white, even faith or no faith. Perhaps, life, especially a life with faith, just isn't that simple. Especially, when it hasn't turned out how we hoped, dreamed, and planned.

The Complicated Gray is my story of a mighty faith wrestle and of a life that hasn't turned out how I hoped. It's a hard story. We all have them. Mine, probably much like yours, is a story that left me bruised, feeling never enough, and really mad at God. It's also a big story that led me to Him. This book is filled with stories that will make you yearn and think and cringe and laugh. It is a messy story because I am not sure faith can be any other way. Most of all, it is a story full of ands. I am a forever grieving mother and a woman who does the work to see the gifts in everything.

When we give ourselves permission to walk into the mess of our story, the permission to feel more than one thing, even at the same time, we will find our clarity, magic, and healing. It has only been in giving myself permission to embrace this And, feeling my grief and making it a gift, that I have met this incredible Jesus.

The Complicated Gray is the story of my wrestle into His unending grace and love. No longer a hard story, it is my big story of resilient redemption. And, I pray it will help you see your own big story, and meet my Jesus. 


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A Brave Lament: For Those Who Know Death
By Andrew Bauman, Christy Bauman
The Alchemist
By Paulo Coelho
A Brave Lament
Starring Christy Bauman, Andrew Bauman, Heather Stringer, Andy Carlson, Alyssa Hahn
Don't Talk About the Baby
Starring Kathryn Jacques, Michelle Rotella
The Shack
By William P. Young, William P
The Shack
Starring Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, Avraham Aviv Alush, Radha Mitchell, Alice Braga

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